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Silver Package

£60.00 with VAT relief
(£72.00 incl. VAT)
plus subscription package

This is an ideal medium sized package for users. You can add more sensors or panic alarms and fall detectors to this package whenever you need them.

This package includes a subscription for TWO Memo App user.

What’s Included? 

1 x Memo Hub and power supply
3 x Motion Sensor

The wireless Motion Sensor  is a compact sensor that allows you to detect movement in a space. The sensor comes with a stand and bracket so it can be mounted on a flat surface as well as a wall or ceiling.

2 x Window and Door Sensor

The Window and Door Sensor can be placed on any door, cupboard fridge or box. The sensor triggers a signal when parted from it’s magnet, notifying the user when a door or box is opened and closed.

1 x Smart Plug

The Smart Plug Mini is an intelligent remotely controlled adapter. The plug can be used to monitor any electrical appliance that uses a standard plug, we recommend using them on TV’s, Kettles and Coffee machines.

PLEASE NOTE: By paying a set-up fee you are not buying the hardware, we will continue to own the product itself. When you no-longer need it, you can return everything to us free of charge. IF YOU DO NOT RETURN THE PRODUCT TO US THERE IS A MANDATORY £250 HARDWARE RETURN FEE.

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VAT Relief