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Bronze Package

£50.00 with VAT relief
(£60.00 incl. VAT)
plus subscription package

This is an ideal starter pack for a basic set up. You can add more sensors or panic alarms and fall detectors to this package whenever you need them.

This package includes a subscription for ONE Memo App user.

What’s Included? 

1 x Memo Hub and power supply
1 x Motion Sensor

The wireless Motion Sensor  is a compact sensor that allows you to detect movement in a space. The sensor comes with a stand and bracket so it can be mounted on a flat surface as well as a wall or ceiling.

1 x Window and Door Sensor

The Window and Door Sensor can be placed on any door, cupboard fridge or box. The sensor triggers a signal when parted from it’s magnet, notifying the user when a door or box is opened and closed.

1 x Smart Plug

The Smart Plug Mini is an intelligent remotely controlled adapter. The plug can be used to monitor any electrical appliance that uses a standard plug, we recommend using them on TV’s, Kettles and Coffee machines.

PLEASE NOTE: By paying a set-up fee you are not buying the hardware, we will continue to own the product itself. When you no-longer need it, you can return everything to us free of charge. IF YOU DO NOT RETURN THE PRODUCT TO US THERE IS A MANDATORY £250 HARDWARE RETURN FEE.

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