Know that your family are safe with memo.

Unobtrusive home monitoring for peace-of-mind.

Memo is a digital telecare platform, putting the individual and family at the centre.

As a family member or friend, use the Memo app to keep up-to-date with the day-to-day activity of your loved one.

Activity Stream

Use the tailored activity stream to monitor the things you care about.


Gain reassurance with updates that let you know Mum is going about her normal routine.


Customise your alerts to send a notification about the things that worry you.


So if something out of the ordinary happens, you know about it.

Over time Memo will learn what’s normal. And lets you know when anything out of the ordinary happens.

Bathroom Visits 3 5 ! mon tue wed thur fri sat sun

- Smart sensors

Memo uses wireless sensors to monitor day-to- day activity around the house.

Door sensors are one of the useful ways to record daily routine. Memo can monitor ordinary behaviour and detect anything unusual. For example, a disturbed nights sleep or frequent trips to the bathroom may be an early indication of illness.

Monitors activity day and night
Emergency call to family or monitoring centre
No WiFi required

- A system to suit you

You can choose how many sensors you use and add more if your needs change.

This flexibility allows you to monitor as little or as much as you feel is right. And if circumstances change memo can adapt with you.

Discrete and unobtrusive
Gain insight into daily routine
Spot changes in behaviour

I know Mum’s up and about...

It’s reassuring to know when mum is up and about. Memo monitors daily activity so I can check in at any time and it lets me know when something looks unusual.


Janet knows I’ve had my cup of tea...

I can feel safe, while not feeling like I am being watched, and if I need help someone will be there.


Know when carers have arrived

The memo platform provides insight, whether that be letting you know when a carer has arrived, or logging bathroom visits over time.

Tailor Memo to suit your family

With five minute setup and discrete, easy to install sensors with one button pairing.

Carer Login

A quick and easy way to check a carer has visited.

No Wifi Required

With its inbuilt 4G connectivity, Wifi is not required.

Alarm Call

A direct call centre connection in an emergency.

A huge thanks for giving us hope things can be made easier.

As a family since mums diagnosis with vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s in 2014 we have really seen the benefits of her living well with dementia in the familiarity of her own home. Our ability as a family to meet her needs can be hugely improved with all that Memo has to offer. The work Alcuris are achieving will without question make such a difference to families like mine. A huge thanks for giving us hope things can be made easier.

— Janet Aldridge daughter of Margot Topson

From smart plugs & door sensors...

Discreet, easy to install sensors, no wires, no hassle. Expected battery life of over 3 years, and an alert when its running low. motion and smoke detectors.

We are continually adding more sensors into the range, ensuring that no matter your needs, our platform can be tailored to suit you.

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