Enabling you to move from a reactive to a proactive, preventative approach to care

Memo is an advanced home monitoring service to support older or vulnerable individuals. It collects in-depth data and provides you with actionable insight at both individual and population level.

Enabling a data led approach to care, built upon actionable insight

Spotting trends over time

Log of care visits

Compare agencies and care providers

Memo Dashboard

Collects valuable insight to help you target resources.

The memo platform provides insight on multiple users. This information enables resources to be targeted to in a proactive way, ensuring that individuals get the care they need, when they need it.

Memo Hub

Empowers families to care for their loved one at home.

The memo platform is suitable for any older, or vulnerable individuals and their support network. Memo prolongs the independence of the individual, while providing reassurance to those around them.

Carer Support

Provides support for your care staff.

The app provides real time information, such as when the carer has arrived and duration of visit. It enables professional carers to move away from paper logging, onto a flexible, digital platform.

How It Works

A digital telecare platform, built with the future in mind

The memo hub has been built to meet social alarm standards, and to communicate to existing monitoring centres. It has the ability to connect to multiple 3rd party sensors and devices.

True digital Telecare system

The Memo App

The app provides real time wellbeing information, such as when the carer has arrived; if the temperature is too low; or the front door has been opened in the middle of the night. The app can be used to view a single individual, or multiple, ensuring that as a family member or professional carer it meets your needs.

Get notified in real time.

The Memo Dashboard is not about displaying data, but displaying actionable insight


Memo records daily activity, allowing correlations and irregularities to be picked up, whether it be a new insight into sleeping habits, or increased bathroom use which may signify a UTI.

Alarm Activation
by age bracket

Population level analytics

Memo enables groups of users to be split by age, location or conditions, enabling trends to be spotted, so resources can be targeted to the groups that need them most.

The Digital Switchover

As a digital platform we ensure your technology enabled care strategy is future proof

As a digital platform, memo is one of the only telecare platforms that has been built from the ground up with the future in mind.

We have designed memo to be backwards compatible to analogue monitoring centres, but also with the latest VoIP technology, so that when the digital switch-over comes in 2025, you're ready.

Our Story

Meet Richard, Richard was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in early 2015. This provided the inspiration and motivation for Alex to set up Alcuris, to prolong independence for people like his Grandad as well as other vulnerable and elderly individuals, and provide reassurance to the family and carers around them. Memo was designed to help others like Richard, and families like his.

Alcuris Founder Alex's Grandad

Who are Alcuris

Alcuris is led by a group of highly experienced directors, all wanting to improve how technology can help individuals, families and care providers. The boards experience ranges from managing one of the largest telecare companies in the world to developing a leading financial analytics platform. Alcuris are focused on becoming the leading telecare provider in the UK.

Alex Nash Managing Director at Memo

Alex Nash

Managing Director
Mark Hawkins Investor Director at Memo

Mark Hawkins

Investor Director
Nick Rodgers Financial Director at Memo

Nick Rodgers

Financial Director
Paul Sherratt Non-Executive Director at Memo

Dr Paul Sherratt

Non-executive Director
Liquid Logic Sollis Nottingham Trent University Caja GTK

Memo has been designed to look as good, as it is easy to set up

Memo is a platform that can grow with your needs. Get in touch with the Alcuris team today to find out how we can work with you to future proof your technology enabled care service.

Memo Device Family

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